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9 Ideas on keeping record of your work and the perks of networking.

Bertha Kgokong’s knowledge of systems and processes goes back to her background in chemical engineering. Although she has worked with big companies in the past, she eventually got fed up with the corporate environment and wanted to do something financially beneficial for herself and her family.

Her initial interest sparked in cryptocurrency, so she learned a lot about the software behind blockchain. Realizing that the world was perhaps not quite ready, she decided to incorporate the self-regulating system into actual business applications.

Today, Tati Software operates as a customized software company, helping clients in web development, app development, data management, and blockchain-specific applications.

Bertha shared her views on initial growth, the importance of documenting at every single step, and the positive impact of networking.

Summary of the best ideas from the discussion:

  • Don’t be afraid to take action even if you make mistakes in your first projects.
  • Document your work and keep track of your code as a software developer.
  • You can grow much faster with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who can inspire you and broaden your perspective.


  1. Grow at a pace you are comfortable with; don’t take on a big project which you can’t deliver.
  2. If your team is new and small, but you want to take on bigger projects, try to partner with other companies to merge your superpowers.
  3. Don’t dread the idea of imperfection and making mistakes. Many entrepreneurs are afraid to take action, so they constantly seek too much coaching and consultancy to become ‘perfect’. That is a waste of time and money. Rather, take on your first projects. Even if you mess up, there is always room for improvement.

Documenting your progress

  1. The best way to maximize your efficiency is to have a thorough flowchart with all the documentation and paperwork. That way, when you pass your project onto new team members, they don’t have to do research from scratch because they have everything they need in one space.
  2. It’s best to document your work as you are doing it, but you should always go back to your notes whenever there is an update in your process. Writing notes makes it easier to visualize the modifications. In the software development business, this is best done via markdown files that can be converted into a web page. Over time, your notes simply become internal web pages, which you can make open-source for everyone to access.
  3. The scope of online documentation depends on the size of your team and how much code they produce, but all developers should be encouraged to put their work online.

Hiring the right person

  1. Hiring is an intricate process because once you hire someone, and they don’t deliver the work, you are stuck with them. That’s why I look at candidates from various perspectives. I look at their LinkedIn and how well they can sell themselves. I also give them tasks to do before bringing them into my team. That said, when you are giving tasks, don’t make it feel like it’s only part of the interview. You need to see how they naturally perform in professional environments with deadlines.


  1. Networking is one of the best methods for inspiration. You can use networking apps like MeetUp to attend events and activities, which can help you to meet other entrepreneurs and form your circle of professionals. If you are part of the right entrepreneurial family, your odds of success will increase drastically.
  2. Building your community and working with other entrepreneurs with a free trial period can generate a word-of-mouth reputation for you.

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