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Surround yourself with other business founders who all in the process of building businesses to R100m or R1b.

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Tap into the the experience, contacts and expertise from over 100 CEOs, founders and experts.

Structured peer advisory groups

Meet monthly with 5-7 carefully selected founders who help solve your business challenges and support your growth.

Monthly community meetup

A community-wide event to access mentorship, introductions and lessons from great entrepreneurs.

Time-saving CEO tools

We have summarised the best advice into simple usable templates and tools from running board meetings, to raising funds our CEO tools will save you hours.

Build a great network

Great founders have great networks. Civitas helps connect founders to investors, customers, executives and suppliers.


After spending over a decade researching why entrepreneurs succeed and fail, Civitas was started to help ambitious founders build great businesses.

Civitas combines the best support strategies used in CEO networks, such as, YPO and EO, top tier venture capitalist firms like Sequoia and Y Combinator and cultural norms found in the most entrepreneurial communities like Silicon Valley and Israel.

We have created a model that helps founders flourish by providing access to great contacts, ideas and motivation. We strive to make joining the community feel as though you have been adopted by the world's most entrepreneurial family.




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