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We carefully place members in select communities and groups based on their
business revenue, personality, and type of business

1 Civitas Start
- R0 to R5m annual revenue
- High experience

2 Civitas Grow
- R5 to R20m annual revenue
- High experience

3 Civitas Scale
- R20 to R100m annual revenue
- High experience

4 Civitas Prime
- R100m to R1b annual revenue
- High experience

* Founder experience level is based on previous entrepreneurial, management experience, and founder behaviors.


We believe ethical entrepreneurs are a force for good in the world. They serve their customers, pay taxes, create jobs and ultimately raise everyone’s living standard. Civitas was started to help these entrepreneurs succeed. 

Our model was developed from 10-years of research including 1000s of studies, 100s of interviews and years of experimentation. While doing the research we found that top venture capital companies, CEO networks and entrepreneurial tribes could increase a founders odds of success by up to 100x. 

Excited by our findings we took the best ideas we found and created Civitas. The result is a low cost and time efficient way to help founders with:

1. Practical know-how on how to grow their business
2. Warm introductions to the right people, such as, customers, investors, suppliers, etc.
3. Ongoing nudges to help them level up. 

The result has been many Civitas members doubling, tripling and even 10x their revenue in the first year of joining a community. Some say our focus on growth is misguided. We disagree! We believe the faster you grow your company, the more people you serve, and the greater your contribution to the world. 

Our nudge to all entrepreneurs: grow faster, serve more and help build a better world.




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  • Founder, co-founder, CEO or MD
  • Revenue of the company
  • Experience level of the founder

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